A to Z of 2014 elections

An election lexicon will always be incomplete because of the variety it offers. Every election comes up with its own characters and characteristics. Some characters are the same old but in a new election, they acquire new characteristics. Like Varun Gandhi, who made news for hate speech in 2009 and now not making much news by being acting in a mature way.


A for Azam Khan For stretching his tongue and some times imagination on Kargil and other pressing national issues.

B for Behenji For her silent and invisible campaigning but speculated to strike gold in UP.

C for Chidambaram For taking risk by putting his son’s political life at peril while staring at defeat.

D for Digvijay For striking a “pre-poll alliance”, as a newspaper headline said on his admission of relationship with a scribe.

E for EVM For keeping the secret till May 16.

F for Farooq Abdullah For his tongue-lashing of Modi voters.

G for Gadkari For remaining anonymous even after election in Nagpur and try his luck if Modi ruled out for Prime Ministership.

H for Hema Malini For campaigning in Mathura without coming out of her expensive car.

I for Ilmi (Shazia) For refusing to be sacrificial lamp in Rae Bareli and then preaching Muslims how to vote.

J for Jayalalithaa For fighting with best friend Modi.

K for Kejriwal For taking a photogenic holy dip in Varanasi.

L for Lalu For making elections in Bihar all about RJD.

M for Modi For fighting like as there is no tomorrow.

N for Nitish For finding himself in an electoral soup.



O for Omar Abdullah For remaining relevant

P for Priyanka For the spirited fight back and tongue in cheek retorts to Modi.

Q for Queue For making Chiranjeevi learn the spelling of queue.

R for Rahul For his Yuva Josh in campaigning

S for Sushma For her silent ways of opposition to Modi

Tewari N D For giving blessings left, right and centre, especially to Rajnath Singh and BJP leaders.

U for UPA For doing everything possible on earth to ensure that its future hangs in balance.

V for Varun Gandhi For remaining non-controversial and mature.

W for wrath of voters For making their impression of their leaders known through ballots.

X for XPM Manmohan Singh For losing his sheen

Y for Yechury For remaining the Left negotiator.

Z for Zaidi and company For being the poll watchdog under the leadership of V S Sampath and colleague H S Brahma.

(The article appeared in Deccan Herald election blog on May 2, 2014)


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