Terrorist pigeon in custody !!!


A pigeon with a suspicious chip on its leg, which was probably looking for some drinking water, near Gujarat coast has send the security establishment on a tizzy.

However, they can now have a sigh of relief as initial investigations suggest that the bird was not on a “terror reccee” and could be one that was being used for pigeon race in foreign countries.

All started with a security guard noticing a pigeon on March 20 at 4:00 pm around 5 nautical miles from the shore of Salaya at Essar Jetty “drinking water from the bowl under the syntac tank”.

The guard “found that the pigeon was not afraid of him and not going away”, Superintendent of Police of Devbhumi Dwarka district said in his two page note send to Union Home Ministry.

He caught the bird and noticed that a chip on one of its leg and a number ‘28733’ on a ring was tied to the second leg. There were also some inscriptions on its wings in Urdu or Arabic, which raised suspicion.

He informed his senior colleague about it and kept it for one day but decided to handed over it to coast guard for “further investigation”. Coast Guard also could not do much and on March 23, they handed over the ‘suspect’ to local police.

As usual, a diary entry eas made and police “took charge” of the pigeon and called forensic officer for further probe. The chip and ring were removed and sent to Forensic Laboratory in Gandhinagar.

The experts then found that the chip had ‘Benjing Dual’ written on it and “by searching on Google, we found out that it is used for pigeon race”, the report said adding the information and photographs are available on internet about this race. The inscription on its wing was ‘Rasul-ul-Allah’.

Then the forest officials were summoned for their opinion. They said such pigeons are found mostly in northern part of India and used for race in foreign countries.

“As per their opinion, this pigeon might have missed out of the ship somewhere in the deep sea and in search of drinking water might have reached to the shore of Salaya Essar jetty. This is the primary information we have and further investigation is going on,” the report said.

Pigeon does not know its final fate but Home Ministry officials are having a hearty laugh at the report now.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Mar, 28, 2015)


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