Funds for Police: States and Centre

Most states cry hoarse over lack of central funds but when it comes to spending the money allocated, it seems they look the other way.

The latest utilisation certificates on the money allocated under Modernisation of Police Forces (MPF) show that states have not spent Rs 566.98 crore allocated in 2013-14 for which figures are available now with the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). The utilisation certificated for 2014-15 is due only on April this year.

The Centre had released Rs 917.74 crore while states except nine — Jammu and Kashmir and eight north-east states — in 2013-14 while states added their share as per 60:40 ratio. The nine states were allocated funds under a 90:10 ration in which the Centre released the majority share.

Maharashtra tops the list for having the highest amount of unspent money at Rs 139.79 crore followed by Assam Rs 117.36 crore and West Bengal Rs 75.71 crore. Karnataka has just Rs 3.25 crore unspent money in this category while Madhya Pradesh, another top non-spender, has Rs 43.71 crore and Andhra Pradesh Rs 33.29 crore.

There are five states — Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Odisha, Punjab and Nagaland — that spent the whole amount allocated to it. Uttar Pradesh was received the highest central allocation at Rs 176.08 crore.

With the new fiscal approaching, the Union Home Ministry has now written to state governments asking it to submit utilisation certificates for the unspent money as well as that for 2014-15.

Though the budgetary allocation for the scheme has not been communicated by Ministry of Finance, the letter said it expects the allocation under non-plan head would be around Rs 595 crore.

However, the MHA has prepared a tentative allocation under non-plan head comes to Rs 520.25 crore while the state share could come up to Rs 290.84 crore, taking the total to Rs 811.09 crore. As per the plan, Uttar Pradesh would get the highest central allocation of Rs 58.60 crore followed by Maharashtra at Rs 43.69 crore.

Jammu and Kashmir may get Rs 37 crore followed by Karnataka Rs 35.58 crore and Tamil Nadu Rs 32.31 crore.

The states have been also told that their allocation would depend on the utilisation certificates it submit on previous funds cleared for it.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Mar 21, 2016)


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