Govt to monitor foreign students

Foreign students planning to bunk classes or exams beware – Your ‘progress report’ and attendance sheet will now reach Indian government every six months!

The Union Home Ministry has now asked all academic institutions, including Universities, to submit the result of semester examinations of all foreign students as well as their attendance record every six months.

According to a gazette notification issued last Friday, the institutions have also been asked to cite whether these students are eligible for continuing the course after giving details of their conduct during the period of assessment.

These and other new stipulations form part of the Foreigners (Amendment) Order, 2016 notified last week.

Every University and Educational Institution will have to furnish information of foreign students enrolled within 24 hours of granting him or her admission. The institution should also inform the authorities within 24 hours of their arrival in the country.

The institutions also need to inform authorities about student’s exit from institution or course within 24 hours.

According to the latest available figures, there are 39,517 foreign students in 2013-14 with Karnataka accounting for 13,075.

The latest rules also have instructions for hotel operators on dealing with foreign visitors. The hotels will require furnishing details of a foreign guest, including his or her signature, on arrival at its premises within 24 hours.

The hotels should also record the visitor’s name and nationality as well as the purpose of visit, proposed duration of stay, whether employed in India and address to which the visitor is proceeding.

“Every particular, other than the signature of the keeper of a hotel or a visitor, which is required to be recorded in the said register, shall be recorded by the keeper of the hotel in English language, if he is so able, or otherwise, in an Indian language.

 If a visitor does not understand English language, it shall be the duty of the keeper of the hotel, if so requested, to explain to the visitor the requirements of the government order,” it said.

The notification said ‘hotel’ includes any boarding-house, club, ‘dak-bunglow’, rest house, hostel, paying guest house, ‘sarai’, rented accommodation, hospital, or other premises of like nature, furnished or unfurnished, where lodging or sleeping accommodation is provided for reward.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Mar 23, 2016)


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