Majority of foreigners arrested for cheating in Karnataka

Are people in Karnataka being cheated by foreigners easily? The answer could be in affirmative, if one looks at the latest crime figures.

According to a latest report by National Crime Records Bureau, 20 foreigners were arrested in Karnataka on charges of cheating last year. In 2014, the figure was just two.

Across India, 49 foreigners were arrested on charges of cheating and Karnataka was on the top. Maharashtra followed Karnataka with 15 cases.

When asked about whether more foreigners are targeting people residing in Karnataka, a senior official said one could also read the statistics in another way. “It may be that the police is catching them while other states are not that successful,” the official said.

Of the total 2,057 foreigners arrested across India, 102 were apprehended in Karnataka.

When it comes to crime against foreigners also, Karnataka was ranked sixth. Twenty-two foreigners, including 12 tourists, faced trouble in Karnataka.

Delhi had the highest number of victims of foreign origin (147) followed by Maharashtra (53), Uttar Pradesh (33), Goa (30) and Rajasthan (24).

In other statistics, Karnataka registered three cases of sedition last year while the national figure was 30. Four persons were arrested in Karnataka on charges of sedition.

The highest number of nine cases was registered in Bihar on charges of sedition.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Sep 1, 2016)


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