More cyber cases means more pending probes

More and more cyber crime cases are piling up on investigators resulting in increasing pendency of such investigations, according to a latest government report.

While there were 8,032 cyber cases pending at the end of 2014, it rose by 47 per cent to touch 11,789 in December 2015.

The ‘Crime in India 2015’ released on Tuesday showed that investigators handled 19,423 cases in 2015, which included the pending cases from the previous year. It could clear just 7,634 cases last year, which is just 39.30 per cent of the total cases it investigated during 2015.

DH had on July 22 reported that cyber crimes have witnessed an alarming 20.5 per cent rise with Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka topping the list. There were 11,592 cyber crimes reported in 2015 compared to 9,622 the previous year. In 2013, there were 5,693 cases registered.

According to the report prepared by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), chargesheets were filed in courts in 3,206 cases. The rate of charge-sheeting was 46.8 per cent while the pendency percentage was 60.7 per cent.



Profile of cyber criminals


No of arrested


Employee/Disgruntled employee




Business Competitor




Sexual Freak




Neighbours, Friends and Relatives








Persons with psychological Disorder




Computer Geek/Hacker




Cyber Terrorist




Greed and financial gain was the cited as the main reason for indulging in cyber crime with this has been in 3,855 cases. The motive behind another 1,110 cases was fraud and illegal gain.

In close to 1,200 cases, women were victims – 606 cases related to using cyber instruments to insult the modesty of women like posting defamatory pictures and writings and 588 related to sexual exploitation.

There were 205 cases in which the motive was to incite hate crimes against communities while there were 293 cases of blackmailing.

Of the 8,121 people, including four foreigners, arrested, 415 were “sexual freaks” while 1,195 neighbours, relatives or friends and 1,594 business competitors. Among the sexual freaks, the maximum was from Maharashtra (103) followed by Assam (78).

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Aug 31, 2016)


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