Men too kidnapped for marriage, sex and prostitution

It is not women alone who are abducted for forced sex, marriage or prostitution — around 150 men were kidnapped in India under these categories last year.

These men form part of 35,428 victims of abduction for sex, marriage or prostitution in 2015, down from 35,627 during the previous year.

The total has come down, the number of male victims have risen by around 65 per cent to touch 147 from 105 in 2014.

Fifty-two men were kidnapped for sexual relationship while another 58 were abducted for marriage. Thirty-seven men, including four above 60 years, were also abducted for prostitution in 2015, the ‘Crime in India 2015’ report said.

In a shocking revelation, the report also showed that six boys and 355 girls below the age of six years were also kidnapped for the same reasons. Two boys and five girls were kidnapped for sex while three boys and 346 girls were picked up for marriage. One boy and four girls were kidnapped with the intention to put them into flesh trade.

One man, who is above 60 years, fell victim to kidnappers who wanted him for sex while four women were picked for forced marriage.

According to the report prepared by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), there 519 victims, including 497 girls, in the age group of six to 12 years and 4,979, including 4,952 girls, in the age group of 12 to 16 years.

The highest number of kidnapped victims was in 18-30 age group in these three categories – 41 men and 17,519 girls. In the age group of 16-18 years also, the number of girls was high at 8,702 and boys just 13.

(Sep 7, 2016)


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