Pathankot chargesheet hints at chinks in security ring at airbase

The NIA chargesheet in the Pathankot terror attack case exposes the chinks in the security ring inside the airbase as four terrorists managed to remain undetected for 24 hours before the strike and make phone calls to Pakistan.

It also hints at the failures of police that they managed to hoodwink them despite killing a driver and brutally injuring another besides abducting a senior police official who was later let off.

The chargesheet also mentions the evidences it collected through DNA samples, mobile phone calls and articles used by terrorists to build a fool-proof case against the Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists as well as their leaders, including outfit chief Masood Azhar.

According to the chargesheet, Nasir Hussain, Hafiz Abubakar, Umar Farooq and Abdul Qayoom, all terrorists hailing from Pakistan, entered the airbase sometime around 4 AM on January one and could not be detected till around 3:20 AM on Janaury two when they started the firing.

After infiltrating to India on December 30, they reached the airbase on foot. They “forced their entry” into the airbase after “cutting the wire fencing over the western side of the perimeter wall”. Forensic analysis proved marks of the cutting tool matched with the marks on the cut portion of the fencing wire.

Investigators also recovered the climbing ropem, a glove and woollen cap entangled with the fencing. Marks of climbing over eucalyptus tree near the wall and on the other side of wall were also spotted.

After getting inside the airbase, terrorists “hid themselves inside” the drainage and later at the “dilapidated” MES store sheds “till the time they launched the assault”. Forensic analysis showed shoe prints lifted from the drainage matched with the shoes of a terrorist.

While inside, one of the terrorists Nasir tried calling a Pakistani number 923466746667 at 8:40 PM on January one but could not converse. The phone belonged to a shopkeeper in Sialkot. Fourty minutes later, he calls on 923000957212 and during his conversation he gives out the names of terrorists. He once again calls on this number during which he speaks to a woman whom he identified as “mother”.

“Nasir asked her to record his conversation on the mobile set. During his conversation with her, Nasir mentioned about one ‘Ustad’ who was supposed to come to her with his ‘Wasihat’ after his death. Nasir also asked her to host a ‘dawat’ (feast) for his ‘derawala friends’ after his death,” the chargesheet said.

Nasir, who also took the names of some of his relatives members, also disclosed that they were hiding inside the airbase and waiting to carry out the terror attack.


** Terrorists crossed border through forest area near Simbal Border Outpost. Empty food packets made in Pakistan and other food articles from Pakistan were recovered from forest area near the BOP.

** Terrorists abduct driver and uses his phone to contact Kashif Jan (A-4) and others on 923453030479, 923213132786 and 923017775253

** Terrorists kill Ikagar Singh and drove away in his vehicle. DNA profiles recovered from dagger seized from the possession of one of the dead terrorists matched with that of Ikagar Singh.

** DNA profile of two terrorists were found on energy drink cans recovered from Ikagar Singh’s vehicle.

** Terrorists abducts a SUV in which Superintendent of Police Salvinder Singh and two others were travelling. Snatches three mobile phones from them and speaks to persons on 923453030479, 923466746667, 923000957212 and 923024880619.

** DNA profile of genetic material lifted from Red Bull energy drink can recovered from SUV matched with one of the deceased terrorists.

** DNA profile of genetic material lifted from the dagger recovered from the possession of another terrorist matched with that of victims Rajesh Verma, one of the travellers in SUV, and Ikagar Singh. Profile of DNA trace lifted from handle of the dagger, matched with that of another terrorist.

** Seat belt of the SUV was cut and used to tie one of the victims. Seat belt pieces recovered from forest area where the

terrorists had dumped Salvinder Singh and his cook Madan Gopal, matched with the remaining seat belt pieces.

** A walkie-talkie set belonging to the terrorists and one slip written in English were recovered from SUV.

** Terrorists left slip in which it was written, ‘Jaish E Muhamad Zindabad Tanghdar se le kar Samba Kathua Rajbagh

Aur delhi tak Afzal Guru Shadeed Kay Jan nisar Tum ko meltay rahege. Insha Allah. A.G.S. 25-12-15′. (JeM Zindabad, From Tanghdar to Samba, Kathua, Rajbagh to Delhi, we will avenge the sacrifice of Afzal Guru).

** Two Rs 500 notes taken from the wallet of Rajesh Verma were recovered from terrorists. iPhone of Verma recovered from the drainage near the perimeter wall inside the airbase where terrorists hid.

** Marks of cutting tool recovered from terrorists matched with the marks on the cut portion of the fencing wire. Climbing rope used by them and recovered from perimeter wall matched with the rope recovered from the SUV.

** A glove and a woollen cap, similar to those recovered from the terrorists, were recovered entangled with the wire fencing over perimeter wall. Marks of climbing over the eucalyptus tree, just outside the perimeter wall panel and also on the other side of the perimeter wall.

** Shoe prints lifted from drainage matched with the shoes of a terrorist.

** At 8:40 PM on Jan 1, one of the terrorists call 923466746667 using a snatched mobile phone but could not converse. Identifies the user of the Pakistani number as Khayam Bhatti, who runs a local merchandise shop shop in Rum in Sialkot

** At 9:20 PM, he calls 923000957212 and discloses names of other terrorists.

** In a later call, he speaks to a woman whom he identified as mother. Talks in in detail for around 18 minutes. Tells that they had infiltrated into India and that they had killed two persons. Also speaks to his brother or cousin who is identified as Babar and another person Munna.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Dec 20, 2016)


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