California almonds’ role in terror funding in Kashmir!

‘California almonds’ have a role to play in terror funding in Jammu and Kashmir!

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has started investigating largescale transfer of funds from Pakistan to India through import of California Almonds through the Cross-LoC trade mechanism.

The agency suo motu took congizance of “reliable information” that terrorists are using Trade Facilitation Centres (TFCs) located at Salamabad and Chakkan-da-Bagh and has registered a case last week under Section 17 (punishment for raising funds to indulge in terrorist acts) of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act against unknown persons.

“This is in gross violation of the State policy of prohibition on trade in ‘third-party origin goods’ through this mechanism and information indicated that these funds are being used for fomenting terrorism and separatism in the state of Jammu and Kashmir,” NIA said in a statement.

The Ministry of Home Affairs felt that the informaiton had a bearing on national security and advised the NIA to properly investigate the matter.

An NIA team has presented the FIR before the NIA Special Court in Jammu. Investigation teams of the NIA have conducted searches and seized several documents, at several places connected with the crime in Jammu and Kashmir since the registration of the case.

The Cross-LOC trade was started as part of a confidence-building measure between India and Pakistan to normalise relationship.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Dec 22, 2016)


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