When Delhi Police makes Kavita Krishnan a ‘Gau Rakshak’

Opponents and internet trolls have abused her a lot for her standing up for rights but they have never called CPI(ML)’s Kavita Krishnan a cow vigilante leader.

Now, Delhi Police has done it and that too when she along with leaders of various organisations wanted to submit a memorandum against cow vigilantism and ensuring justice for Pehlu Khan who was murdered by cow vigilantes in Rajasthan.

The goof-up happened as police mistook the group as that of cow protectionists and identified Krishnan as their leader.


The city police has shot off a letter to Krishnan, who is credited among those who organised the huge protests in the capital following the Nirbhaya rape case, identifying her as the organiser of ‘Gau Rakshak Dal’ (Cow Protection Group).

“Delhi Police thinks I am from Gau Rakshak Dal. If police intelligence department think, I am GRD leader, it is best they down their shutters,” Krishnan said.

“They are not able to prevent attrocities against people in the name of cow. They are but after submitting a memorandum. They are paranoid and very stupid,” she said during a telephonic conversation.

Kavita Delhi Police Letter

In the letter issued by the Office of The Deputy Commissioner of Police of New Delhi district, police said that they were planning to hold a demonstration at Bikaner House near India Gate and there was no permission for it. The letter identified Krishnan as organiser of Gau Rakshak Dal.

From Tuesday evening, Krishnan said, local police and Special Branch personnel were calling her and asking her not go ahead with the cow protection programme.

“I got calls till midnight. I repeatedly told them I am not a cow vigilante. After this, the Station House Officer (SHO) himself called. It is very silly they did not know what we were up to. We told them there is no protest and only a delegation meeting Rajasthan government officials. For submitting memorandum, you don’t need police permission,” she said.


(The memorandum submitted by activists to Rajasthan govt officials)

On Wednesday afternoon, the delegation submitted the memorandum addressed to Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhare Raje to officials here seeking arrest of those involved in the murder of Khan and providing a Rs one crore compensation to his family.

(May 3, 2017)


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