Joining NDA not discussed in party: JD(U) MP

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kunar’s decision to walk out of Grand Alliance and form government with BJP has surprised JD(U) leaders. Rajya Sabha MP Ali Anwar Ansari says the decision will do more harm to the party. I spoke to Ansari in Parliament House.

How do you see this development?

It is unfortunate. It was not discussed in party forum. A meeting was scheduled to be held on July 23 but it did not happen. If it was held and the issue had come, I would have said that it is a wrong move. In the next meeting, I would tell my views.

Do you think Nitish Kumar took the decision as he is an opportunist?

I respect Nitish Kumar. I will not make such comments. That is not right. But I will say this move will do more harm to the party that any gains. He listened to his inner voice (to go to NDA) and I will listen to mine.

Ali Ansari

Why do you have objections because you became an MP when JD(U) was in NDA?

The issue on which we parted ways with BJP still stands and those reasons have become more stronger. When we joined NDA, Nitish Kumar told us that BJP is changing. He said BJP is becoming soft. But when Modi came he said, BJP is getting aggressive. Now what has changed. The aggression by BJP has increased, there is mob lynching, farmers suicide and Dalit atrocities. There is a difference.

What affect this move will have?

People of India had high hopes on Nitish Kumar. That has been dashed. He had managed to dent Narendra Modi’s popularity.

What will be your next move?

I will express my view in party forum.

(The interview appeared in Deccan Herald on July 28, 2017)


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