2016: Rape, abduction cases on rise, dowry deaths show decline

After a fall in 2015, the crimes against women has witnessed a rise last year in the country with rape cases registering almost 11% increase.

According to provisional figures, the Ministry of Home Affairs has said that there were 3.51 lakh crimes reported against women in 2016 as against 3.31 lakh in the previous year.

Though the final figures for last year is yet to come, what may be a matter of concern for law enforcement agencies is the rise in numbers in 2016.


Crime Against Women
2014 – 3,40,826
2015 – 3,31,649
2016 – 3,51,948

2014 – 36,735
2015 – 34,651
2016 – 38,891

2014 – 57,311
2015 – 59,277
2016 – 64,618

The year 2015 saw a dip from 3.40 lakh cases in 2014 and 3.37 lakh in 2013. Last year’s figures has surpassed the that of the past three years.

One of the worrying signs would be the increase in cases of rapes, attempt to rapes and abductions.

Among the states, Uttar Pradesh reported the highest cases at 48,757 followed by West Bengal (34,205) and Maharashtra (31,308). Karnataka reported 14,250 crimes against women last year as against 13,993 in 2014 and 12,786 in 2015.

The figures the MHA placed in Parliament last week showed that there were 38,891 cases of rape reported last year compared to 34,651 in 2015, registering a rise of 10.90%. There were 36,735 rape cases in the country in 2014.

Similarly, the attempt to rape cases also rose from 4,234 in 2014 to 5,719 last year. Kidnapping and abduction of women rose by 12.74% to 64,618 compared to 2014’s 57,311. In 2015, there were 59,277 cases.

Acid attacks also saw an increase from 134 reported in 2014 and 140 in 2015 to 167 last year.

Bulk of the cases relating to crime against women was registered under the head cruelty by husband or his relatives. Last year saw 1.10 lakh such cases, a decrease from 1.13 lakh cases in 2015 and 1.22 lakh in 2014.

Also, there was a slight decrease in dowry deaths — from 8,455 in 2014 and 7,634 in 2015 to 7,623 in 2016.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Aug 7, 2017)


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