Conviction in domestic violence case on decline

Domestic violence cases have shown a decline in the country in the past couple of years as also the number of people getting convicted in such incidents.

West Bengal has topped the list of cases in the past three years, where also the conviction rate is very dismal. Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are two other states, which have higher number of such incidents.

According to latest official figures, the country has registered 1,23,126 domestic violence cases in which 1,23,213 women were victims last year. In such cases, 2.27 lakh people were also arrested.

Domestic Violence Cases


Cases reported

Conviction in Cases

No of People Convicted













The figures show a sharp decline in such cases from 2014 — while there were 1,35,492 cases and 1,35,923 victims besides arresting 2.55 lakh people in 2014, the number came down to 1,25,558 cases and 1,25,747 victims and 2.13 lakh people arrested in 2015.

Activists and officials, however, warned against reading too much into the decline, saying there may be a number of cases which are not reported and several incidents were police have refused to register also.

Another problem area is the lesser number of cases getting concluded in courts in a year and the conviction rate. Though a large proportion of cases ends up in chargesheets, the figures show that very few cases end in conviction.

Last year, only 7,093 cases ended in conviction of 17,908 people while police had filed chargesheets in 1.03 lakh cases. Similar is the case in 2014 — 20,642 people convicted in 8,260 cases — and 2015 — 21822 people convicted in 8,566 cases.

Though there was an increase in convicted cases in 2015 compared to 2014, last year saw it dropping even below the 2014 figures.

Officials attribute to the low rate of conviction on improper investigation leading to not-so-strong chargesheets. Some cases also do not stand the test of court because of lack of evidence while some are outright fake cases.

Among the states, West Bengal have reported 20,262 cases last year compared to 23,899 in 2014 and 20,896. The number of those who were convicted last year, however, was a meagre 161 in the state.

Rajasthan had 14,444 cases while the conviction was that of 1,919. In convictions, UP had topped the list with 8,483 people being convicted followed by Madhya Pradesh 2,240 last year.

In Karnataka, there were 3,008 cases last year as against 3,560 in 2014 and 3,260 in 2015. Only 107 people were convicted last year while296 were sent to jail in 2014 and119 in 2015.

(Aug 15, 2017)


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