Rahul’s Pidi

Rahul Gandhi’s twitter feed had suddenly seen a surge on humour and numbers, leaving some wondering whether somebody else do the job for the Congress Vice President.

Now, Gandhi has hit back with sarcasm and humour to take on the ‘Doubting Thomases’ by posting a video of his pet ‘Pidi’, a puppy, and holding it responsible for all the tweets from his handle.

Gandhi clapped back on his critics on Twitter on Sunday afternoon, “People (have) been asking who tweets for this guy..I’m coming clean..it’s me..Pidi..I’m way (an emoticon) than him. Look what I can do with a tweet..oops..treat!” The tweet had gathered over 5,400 retweets and some 14,000 likes in first five hours.

In the video, Rahul can be heard prompting ‘Pidi’ to do a namaste. The puppy then stands up and a biscuit is placed on its muzzle. Soon after a gesture by the hand, the biscuit disappears into ‘Pidi’s’ mouth.


Gandhi, with over four million followers, has off late been coming up with witty posts. However, his critics were claiming that it was not his work but by a team of social media professionals. Some reports also claimed that the recent surge in the number of his followers were due to bots.

His recent tweets like the one comparing GST with ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ had attracted interest in social media.

In an unusual tweet last week, Gandhi also used the social media to announce that her mother Sonia was unwell and had to be rushed back to Delhi for treating stomach bug. Usually, the Gandhi family used to keep their health issues private.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Oct 30, 2017)


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