Mumbaikars have more faith in Mumbai than Delhiites have in Delhi

Mumbaikars have more faith in Mumbai when it comes to safety and security than Delhiites have on the national capital, a new survey has found.

Half of Delhiites do not feel secure in the national capital while most of those who witness crime do not report it to police due to lack of faith in system. In comparison, only 17% of Mumbaikars feel unsafe in the western metropolis, which had witnessed one of the worst terror strikes, the 26/11 attack, nine years ago.

Delhi Police stations are also not victim-friendly in people’s perspective, if one goes by the survey. Only 8% respondents in Delhi preferred to visit police station personally to report a crime while Mumbai had 35% such people.


The findings of the survey conducted by Hansa Research for an NGO Praja Foundation forms part of a report ‘State of Policing and Lawe and Order in Delhi’. The survey took responses from 24,301 households in Delhi and 20,317 in Mumbai.

If the overall feeling of insecurity is reported by 50% in Delhi, the proportion rise specific questions like safety of women are raised. In Delhi, 60% feel that the city is not safe for women and elderly as against 25% in Mumbai.

When it comes to travelling, 57% of Delhiites report a feeling of insecurity while this figure is 23% for Mumbai.

The feeling of insecurity in the national capital is at the highest in the tony areas of south Delhi where 56% of the respondents feel concerned about safety.

At least 15% of the respondents in Delhi have witnessed a crime but almost two-third of them did not report it to police.

A whopping 46% among those who witnessed a crime said they did not report it to police because they have “no faith in police/legal system”. Here too, Mumbai fares better as only 15% of the respondents said they do not have faith in the police there.

The report said, “this lack of faith clearly explains the fall in registration of cases for almost all major crimes in Delhi.”

On those who fell victim to crime, the survey said, “one out of 14 respondents encountered crime in Delhi. One out of three respondents who faced crime did not report.”

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald website on Nov 24, 2017)

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