Indians lost articles worth Rs 85k cr in 11 years, recovery just Rs 9,733 cr

Indians have lost property worth around Rs 84,972.78 crore to thieves since 2005 of which Rs 9,733.10 crore came in last year, according to latest crime figures.

Statistics show that police is very lax in recovery as only articles worth Rs 14,124.39 were recovered in these years.

The ‘Crime in India 2016’ by National Crime Records Bureau showed that in 2016, only 15% of the stolen articles worth Rs 1,459 crore was recovered.

In 2015, property worth Rs 8,210.4 crore was stolen but the recovery was that of only Rs 1,350 crore, which comes to a recovery rate of just 16.4 per cent.

Theives stole articles worth Rs 276.6 crore in Karnataka while police managed to recover only articles worth Rs 105.3 crore, with a recovery rate of 38.1%.


If you are in Maharashtra and a victim of theft, the chances are the least to get your stolen articles back as it has the lowest recovery rate of 7.9 per cent among big states. Delhi has the worst recovery rate at 4.8% where articles worth Rs 3,278.8 crore was stolen and only those worth Rs 157 crore recovered.

Tripura, which reported the worst rate at 1.5% in 2015, improved its recovery rate to 29.8% last year.

Cash and jewellery worth Rs 1,843.6 crore were recovered of which only Rs 359 crore was recovered.

Vehicles was another big target for thieves as they stole 3.91 lakh valued at Rs 1,664.1 crore. Of this, only vehicles valued at Rs 511.1 crore were recovered.

According to the report, 7.96 lakh cases were reported under offences against property, which is 26.8% of total cases registered under IPC, Of this, theft cases (4.94 lakh) topped the list followed by criminal trespass/burglaries (1.11 lakh cases).

Among the theft cases, the major share went to vehicle theft. The report also showed that 2.20 lakh cases of property crimes took place at residential premises. However, majority of robberies took place on highways or roads with 17,599 cases.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Dec 1, 2017)


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