Murders down, rapes and kidnapping up

Murders in India are coming down but rapes and kidnapping cases are surging, if one goes by latest statistics on crime in the country.

Overall, crimes under Indian Penal Code has increased by 0.9% from 29.49 lakh ion 2015 to to 29.75 lakh last year. Uttar Pradesh has recorded the highest number of heinous crimes such as murder and those against women last year.

According to the ‘Crime in India 2016’ by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 30,450 cases of murder were reported last year, a decline from 32,127 cases in 2015 and 33,981 in 2014.

Uttar Pradesh reported the highest number of murder 4,889 followed by Bihar where 2,581 murders took place. Maharashtra recorded 2,299 cases while Karnataka had 1,573 cases, which is a marginal increase from 1,557 in 2015.

Personal vendetta or enmity (5,179 cases) was the motive in highest number of murder cases followed by property dispute (3,424 cases) and gain (2,270 cases). In Karnataka too, personal vendetta was the main reason for murders.

In crime against women, there was an increase from 3.29 lakh cases in 2015 to 3.38 cases last year. The year 2015 saw a dip from 3.39 lakh cases in 2014 and 3.37 lakh in 2013.

Rape cases saw an increase to 38,947 cases from 34,651 in 2015 and 36,735 in 2014. Madhya Pradesh with 4,882 cases topped the list followed by UP (4,816) and Maharashtra (4,189). Of the rape cases reported last year, 2,167 cases were gang rapes. Karnataka had recorded 1,655 rape cases last year, including 20 gang rapes.

A total of 88,008 cases of kidnapping/abduction were reported last year, which is an increase from 82,999 cases reported in 2015 and 77,237 in 2014. UP had the highest number of 15,898 cases followed by Maharashtra (9,333) and Bihar (7,324).

Of the 89,875 victims, 66,525 were women. Of these 16,938 victims were kidnapped for marriage and only one man figured in it.

A total of 37,37,870 people were arrested last yearfor various crimes while a total of 32,71,262 people were chargesheeted, 7,94,616 were convicted and 11,48,824 people were acquitted or discharged.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Dec 1, 2017)


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