Truth triumphed: Siva on 2G verdict

The 2G verdict has come a huge relief to DMK. The party has been facing the heat with allegations even reaching the doorsteps of its supreme leader M Karunanidhi’s family. Senior DMK MP Tiruchi Siva spoke to me. Excerpts:


How do you see the 2G verdict?

We are very happy. From day one, we were saying these charges were motivated, imaginary and ficticious. We know we were innocent. Some wanted to take mileage. Their dreams have been shattered. For any political party, it has to prove that it is not guilty. Our conscience is clear. We knew it. And now we have been vindicated through the court. These were cooked up, imagined allegations.

What is the take-away from the verdict?

This is a political journey and we will go forward with out head held high. Truth triumphed.

The CAG report on 2G spectrum allocation had pointed out several irregularities. What do you say on that?

The CAG figures of loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore were imaginary. It gave an exaggerated picture. The CAG magnified a molecule. The CAG was hyper. There were vested interests. We had to prove that we were innocent. So we fought it through legal process.

How do you recall these years when the DMK was facing these allegations?

Even among our sympathisers there were some doubts. Now, it is clear. The opponents were not able to take us politically. Our opponents always used some ways to target us. Our stand has been vindicated.

There is talk about DMK joining the NDA. Will this verdict add momentum to such a move?

Only you (media) are talking about it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited our leader (M Karunanidhi) in Chennai. It was a courtesy visit. He is a senior leader who is indisposed. And please, don’t develop stories.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Dec 22, 2017)


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