‘Recruiting preachers in Army turns money minting machine for some’

Recruiting religious teachers in Army has turned a money minting machine for some Army officials but they landed in trouble following an inquiry into anonymous complaints.

It all made easy for the internal investigators in the Army to pin point the suspects as most of the transactions took place through the banking channels. A bribe of at least Rs 15.55 lakh were paid by nine persons, who managed to get the Army job in 2013.

A CBI investigation is on after the agency registered a case on the basis of a complaint from General Office Commanding (Hyderabad) N Srinivas Rao and 12 Armymen, including nine who were recruited as religious teachers, and five private persons are in the dock. Religious teachers are inducted into the Army for spiritual activities in the unit and also to deliver spiritual motivation to the troops.

The CBI said that the Army approached them with a complaint only last Thursday “due to conduct of in-house inquiry which involved summoning civilian witnesses and getting details of bank accounts of all the accused from various parts of the country”.

The recruitment process was dogged with trouble from the beginning after Subedar M N Tripathi, a religious teacher in the Army, was removed from the interview panel after his name cropped up in an input on him indulging in “unfair practices by approaching candidates”.

In his place, another religious teacher Satya Prakash was appointed. However, the complaint that makes part of the FIR claimed, Tripathi did not let the opportunity go by managing to rope in Prakash and another religious teacher MK Pandey to influence the process.

Tripathi is claimed to have given Prakash a list of 20 candidates to be favoured during the recruitment “by asking simple questions and giving maximum marks”.

According to the CBI, Tripathi used the bank accounts of his five neighbours in Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur to collect bribe amount. Pandey used the help of Tripathi to reach out to prospective candidates while the internal Army inquiry is claimed to have found that Prakash collected Rs 14 lakh in his bank account.

(An edited version appeared in Deccan Herald on Apr 27, 2018)

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