• was a journalist with Press Trust of India (PTI) reporting about city crime, a little bit of Left politics, twists and turns in Team Anna besides everything under sun from New Delhi till July 4, 2013. After nine years, four months and four days, left PTI. Took a four day sabbatical. Joined Deccan Herald bureau in New Delhi on July 8, 2013. Covering Home Ministry, Civil Aviation, investigating agencies like CBI, NIA and all
  • hails from perumpally, 22 km south of kochi in kerala. did his schooling from hail mary, 500 metres from his home, where he was the darling of teachers and schoolmates. then went to maharajas college in ernakulam where he met some wonderful people who also found him talented (they were myopic) went on to study english literature. dabbled in (self-centred) activism
  • did some freelancing for a magazine ‘MALAYALAM’ where his first story was printed as cover story, worked as a sub-editor for where he learnt using computer at the age of 23, then to kochi corporation for two months of freelancing without earning a single penny and finally to learn that he will be a disastarous businessman at HAMLET, an english bookshop
  • met interesting men and women, read trash and classics, discussed world affairs pretending to be an intellectual, watched porn, soaps and wwf, and fell in love with one or two girls who got married to someone else
  • in between all these, he was discovering himself as a very average guy and not as talented as his friends (male  and female)  thought…and none of them thought, i was hot then. to add insult to injury, none of them think now also
  • and now… married to a friend whom i know from 1995 Aguust. trying to rediscover his self in delhi, dreaming about making it big one day

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